Putting labor’s house in order: the Transport Workers Union and labor anti-Communism in Miami during the 1940s

An essay by Alex Lichtenstein about how 'red-baiting' and anti-Communism effected a CIO union in Miami during the 1940s.

Three Japanese anarchists: Kotoku, Osugi and Yamaga - Victor Garcia

Excellent pamphlet looking at the history of the Japanese anarchist movement, and in particular the lives (and deaths, in the two former cases) of Shūsui Kōtoku, Osugi Sakae and Taiji Yamaga.

Syndicalism in action: how the Italian glassblowers became their own employers - Odon Por

A short pamphlet, which is very uncritical but still contains useful historical information about Italian glassblowers in the early 20th century, who first formed an industrial union then formed a cooperative to rival the private employers.

Ben Fletcher: portrait of a black syndicalist

A biography of IWW member Ben Fletcher, written by Jeff Stein.

Reflections on The lump by Dave Lamb - Dave Walton

Building workers rally in Liverpool against a union sell-out

A couple of decades on after the publication of the controversial Solidarity pamphlet on the lump (a way of casualising construction work), Dave Walton, a former construction worker looks back on it and the struggles of the time.

Radical border crossers: the Industrial Workers of the World and their press in Latin America - Anton Rosenthal

A paper by Anton Rosenthal that looks at the history of the IWW in Latin America.

"Cartooning capitalism": Radical cartooning and the making of American popular radicalism in the early twentieth century

A study by Michael Cohen about the role of art and cartoons in various American leftist movements at the start of the 20th Century.

Letter out of custody at fortress Magdeburg, 1847 - Edgar Bauer

Democratic centralism, the Workers Opposition, clandestine opposition movements, the crisis in the party, Kronstadt and the end of the revolutionary period in Russia - Michel Olivier

A short essay on the left opposition in the Bolshevik Party in Russia from 1919 to 1927, focusing mostly on the Democratic Centralists and the Workers Opposition.

On Stirner and Szeliga - Edgar Bauer

Editor's Note: When John H. Mackay prepared his book on Stirner, he wrote a number of letters to former members of that intellectual encounter-group, "The Free [die Freien]." Mackay's friend, Max Hildebrandt, sent him the following letter from Edgar Bauer, which was not published, but which he nevertheless employed in his book for characterizing Stirner, and it gives a vivid portrait of two of the most active members of the group: Stirner and Szeliga. They, like Dr. Oswald [Engels], took up noms de guerre in their world-historical struggle of the Free.