The One Big Union Monthly (October 1919)

The October 1919 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, a publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

The One Big Union Monthly (November 1919)

The November 1919 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, a publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Shop Organization the base of the IWW - George Hardy

An 1920 article by George Hardy, advocating some structural changes for the IWW.

The One Big Union Monthly (June 1920)

Articles from the June 1920 issue of The One Big Union Monthly.

Radical agriculture - Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin

An essay in which Murray Bookchin outlines his ideal system of food cultivation and criticizes the existing, capitalistic system. Appeared in Radical Agriculture (1972), ed. Richard Merrill.

An excerpt from 'critique’s quarrel with church and state' - Edgar Bauer

Edgar Bauer

The young Edgar Bauer (1820-1886) was credited by Gustav Landauer and Max Nettlau for founding the anarchist tradition in Germany. The following is a selection from his 'Der Streit der Kritik mit Kirche und Staat' (1843), pp. 260-269. After the failed 1848 revolutions Bauer renounced radicalism and his former left-Hegelianism, became an informant for the Danish police, and ultimately founded his own conservative journal, Kirchliche Blätter.

Rednecks with Guns and other anti-racist stories and strategies

An interview with Dave Strano about the white working class, rural America and anarchist tabling at gun shows.

Of Tea-Parties and Patriots: liberty for who? - Dave Strano

An article by Dave Strano written and directed towards members of the “Liberty Movement,” participants in the Tea Parties and Town Hall meeting protests.

Part 3

Omnia sunt communia

In the third and last part of the pamphlet, “A World Without Money: Communism”, the authors address the question of revolutionary violence, economic reconversion, internationalism, racism, the nature of the proletariat and its relation to the other classes, and the history of communism from Thomas More’s Utopia and the Guarani Reductions to the situationists, and conclude with some considerations on the importance of action and role of theory in the contemporary communist movement.

Discussion: anarchist shop experiences - Mike Harris

An article discussing the personal experiences of anarchist organising on-the-job in the New York area in the early 1980s.