Capitalism, nature, socialism: a theoretical introduction - James O'Connor

The Alberta tar sands

James O'Connor's influential 1988 article introducing the idea of a 'second contradiction of capitalism', between political economy and the environment.

"Those who insist that [environmental destruction] has nothing to do with Marxism merely ensure that what they choose to call Marxism will have nothing to do with what happens in the world." - Aiden Foster-Carter

Politics (December 1944)


Cover (p. 321)
'Twas a famous victory (pp. 321-323)
Comment (pp. 323-327)
Comment. Warsaw (3) (pp. 327-328)
Queener, Llewellyn. War as an institution (III). Inter-enemy ethics (pp. 329-334)
Goodman, Paul. Popular Culture. Notes on Neo-Functionalism (pp. 335-337)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). European newsreel (pp. 337-340)
Contributors (p. 340)

Politics (November 1944)


Cover (p. 289)
Macdonald, Dwight. "Dual Power" in France (pp. 290-294)
Comment (pp. 294-296)
Comment. Warsaw (2) (pp. 297-298)
Comment. The advantages of a political education (p. 298)
Comment. Why Herr Commandant is smiling (see cover) (p. 298)
Oakes, J. Walter. Reconversion - to what? (pp. 299-303)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnnonsense (pp. 304-305)

Politics (October 1944)


Cover (p. 257)
Warsaw (pp. 257-259)
Comment (pp. 260-265)
Woodcock, George. The tyranny of the clock (pages 265-267)
Brown, John J.. American technology: myth vs. reality (pp. 267-270)
Weber, Max Class, Status, Party (pp. 271-278)
Macdonald, Dwight. Thomas for President? (pp. 278-281)
Contributors (p. 281)

Politics (September 1944)


Cover (p. 225)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair.) The France of tomorrow: what the french underground wants (pp. 225-232)
(Pfc). Italians and Fascism: Testimony & Comment (pp. 232-233)
Chiaromontes, Nicholas. Italians and Fascism: Testimony & Comment (pp. 233-234)
Fischer, Ruth. The life and death of Max Hoelz (pp. 234-238)
Lieutenant JL. Soldiers' Poetry Department (p. 238)

Politics (August 1944)


Cover (p. 193)
Comment. Some reflections on what is laughingly called "National Politics" (pp. 194-198)
News-Story-of-the-Year (p. 196)
Bettelheim, Bruno. Behavior in extreme situations (pp. 199-209)
Duncan, Robert. The homosexual in society (pp. 209-211)
(Blanqui). Mr. Moscowitz comes to St. Perkingrad (pp. 211-212)

Politics (July 1944)


Cover (p. 161)
Comment. Allied policy in Europe (pp. 161-167)
De Angelis, J. Gabriel. Brewster The Shut-Down (pages 167-169)
Bloch, Werner; Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair.) Under the Lid (pp. 169-170)
Tucci, Nicholas. tyrants of The War (pages 170-172)
Bazelon, David T.. ashes Green (pp. 172-177)

Politics (June 1944)


Cover (p. 129)
Comment. The shape of things to come (pp. 129-133)
Fey, Isabella. Odin (p. 133)
Chiaromontes, Nicholas. Croce and italian Liberalism (pp. 134-137)
McNatt, G. Isaac. "I was a Seabee" (pp. 137-140)
(Bombardier.) The story of the 477th Bombardment Group (pages 141-142)
Meyer, Peter. Mr. Joseph Stalin's revolution in economic science (pp. 143-144)

Politics (May 1944)


Cover (p. 97)
Comment. Three Worlds (pages 97-102)
List, Kurt. The music of Soviet Russia (pp. 103-108)
Kristol, Irving. Koestler: a note on confusion (pp. 108-109)
Macdonald, Dwight. "The only really moral people" (pp. 109-110)
Gould, Joe. What to do with Europe (p. 111)
Bell, Daniel. The world of Moloch (pp. 111-113)