The floodgates of anarchy - Stuart Christie and Albert Meltzer

The floodgates of anarchy - Stuart Christie and Albert Meltzer

This polemic approaches the subject of anarchism in relation to class struggle. It presents an argument against class-based society and hierarchy and advocates for a free and equal society based on individual dignity and merit.

Drawing from the authors’ experiences as activists and documenting the activities of other 20th-century anarchists—including clandestine activities and social change by any means—this fundamental text asserts that government is the true enemy of the people and that only through the dissolution of government can the people put an end to exploitation and war, leading to a fully free society. This is the 1970 edition.


Juan Conatz
Dec 21 2010 12:00

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Dec 23 2010 18:39

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Dec 23 2010 18:51
Juan Conatz wrote:

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Stranger Than P...
Dec 24 2010 13:11

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Aug 25 2013 18:47

many, many years ago I could not understand this book, sorry. It was one of the hardest reads ever. I suspect it was just too "british" in tone, langugae and outlook....which makes sense given that the authors are from that part of the world. maybe with the passage of time and age, i should come back and pck up my printed copy and give another read.

Aug 25 2013 21:23

Have you read I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels Albert Meltzer? Well worth it.

Aug 25 2013 22:23

It's so peppered with so many British references, often without any explanation or footnotes, when I read it a few years ago it made sense to me but I thought it had so much Britspeak in it, it might not travel very well. Just flicking through it now, I've come across references to Keir Hardie, William Beverage, the Webbs, Henry Mayhew, Oz magazine, the Fabians, to name but a few. I'm not sure many people outside the UK would necessarily know who these people were. I think it could really benefit from a more expanded glossary for readers outside the UK.

Completely agree with Rat, I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels is well worth a read.

Aug 26 2013 00:08
rat wrote:
Have you read I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels Albert Meltzer? Well worth it.

I've read it...but there were some rough spots to read as well.

have you ever heard Albert speak (rest his soul)? Now that was often a challenge (for me!)