Global Uprisings: Pieces of Madrid

Short documentary from Global Uprisings exploring ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the economic and social crisis in Madrid, Spain.

Alabama prisoners to launch strike, IWW to offer support

As prisoners in Alabama prepare to strike, this short article outlines some of their demands as well as the groups - including the Industrial Workers of the World - who intend to support them in their struggle.

Prisoners in Alabama, organised under the Free Alabama Movement, have announced they will be starting their second strike of the year this weekend.

Acknowledging, in the words of incarcerated activist Melvin Ray, that prisons are little more than a “free labor system”, prisoners at the St. Clair correctional facility have decided to strike.

Support Care UK Strikers

A solidarity demonstration, called by Doncaster People’s Assembly is taking place at 11am on Saturday 19 April, assembling outside the Civic offices on Waterdale Doncaster.

We live in the days when the powers that be are attempting to roll back time and deny us of the working conditions for which our parents and grandparents fought, wage cuts and changing terms and conditions to our detriment are the order of the day.
One group of workers in Doncaster however are showing the true metal that is needed to resist these changes.

The strange case of the Huddersfield Two

A belated report regarding the arrest and trial of two Huddersfield anarchists at a bedroom tax protest last year.


On a clear spring morning on the 6th of April 2013 sixty or so people gathered in Market Cross to poorest against the Bedroom Tax, the Tory governments latest attempt to pauperise further poor people on benefits.

ABC-Moscow: Repressions summary for January-February 2014

From now on, we are going to publish summaries of repressions against
anarchists, antifascists and social activists in Russia on a regular
basis, as well as on how the state opposes our activity. In the
January-February issue: sudden amnesty of antifascists in Moscow, Kazan,
Nizhny Novgorod, attempt to ban "Avtonom" zine due to
"extremism", detentions during Jan19 actions, verdicts in Moscow,
Murmansk, Petersburg and other "heroic deeds" of cops from "E"-department.

If you think that we have missed something in our article, or you know
about other cases of repressions, please write to

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Verdicts delivered

Verdicts for eight "Bolotnoe Case" defendants

On February 24th, Zamoskvoretsky Court delivered verdicts for eight

Police arrest Alexandria workers as strikes continue nationwide

Striking postal workers arrested as more than 50,000 employees of the state-owned postal services have been on strike across the country since Sunday, and have begun to be joined by other groups of workers.

Despite official attempts to bring an end to a wave of labor unrest that contributed to the downfall of Hazem al-Beblawi's government, a broad range of Egypt's labor workforce embarked on nationwide strikes on Tuesday.

22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

Clashes broke out as hundreds of thousands converged in the Spanish capital for a “March of Dignity” against austerity and the right-wing government.

Over 100 people were injured and at least two dozen arrested after clashes broke out following an anti-austerity rally in Madrid last night. Arriving in six columns from all over the country (many of them on foot), hundreds of thousands of protesters converged upon the Spanish capital as part of a nationwide “March of Dignity”.

Bosnia and Herzegovina in spring - Global Uprisings documentary

Short documentary telling the story of the uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina that started in early February 2014. It is the latest in the Global Uprisings film series. View the full series at

Parents of children with disabilities occupy Polish parliament

Parents who cannot get by on the pittance paid by the government to care for people with disabilities take action.

Since Wednesday, parents of children with disabilities have been occupying the Parliament in Warsaw to protest their desperate situation and try to get more help for themselves as well as caregivers of adults with disabilities.

The protesters are asking for help in drawing attention to their struggle on an international level. Below is a translation of their appeal to journalists.

Diverse flags, four demands on the march to Madrid

Map showing routes and start dates of the six columns marching to Madrid

25th of February. 5 people set out walking from Barcelona. A few days later on 28th February, another 500 start walking from Iruñea and 216 more are marching in Asturíes. They've been the first to start the journey that will converge in Madrid this Saturday the 22nd of March.

The Marches for Dignity started to be organised in September and since then around 150 groups have formed statewide, according to Susana, member of the Marches for Dignity's communications committee in Madrid. In total 6 columns with people from all regions represented will enter Madrid via the state highways and they will join 1000s of people arriving that morning by coach and car.