Carlo Tresca

Tresca, Carlo: portrait of a rebel

Arriving in America in 1904, Carlo Tresca began a nearly forty-year stretch as an active revolutionary. Nunzio Pernicone's definitive biography chronicles Tresca's larger-than-life personality, his revolutionary apprenticeship in Sulmona, Italy, and his subsequent career as fighter for liberty until his untimely death in 1943. The story of his life - as newspaper editor, labor agitator, anarchist, anti-communist, street fighter, and opponent of fascism - illuminates the lost world of Italian-American radicalism.

Among friends and comrades Tresca counted revolutionary luminaries such as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, "Big Bill" Haywood, Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, and countless sovversivi.

Review of Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel

Iain McKay reviews Nunzio Pernicone's book Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel.

Carlo Tresca is one of those rebel workers whose memory deserves to be honoured and Pernicone's excellent biography does just that. Pernicone's has previously produced an excellent history of the Italian anarchist movement ("Italian Anarchism: 1864-1892", Princeton University Press, 1993) and this work is of equal quality and of interest to anarchists.

Tresca, Carlo, 1879-1943

Short biography of the Italian-American anarchist Carlo Tresca, written by Nunzio Pernicone.

For three decades Tresca was a free-lance revolutionary paladin among Italian radicals in the United States. His political views had taken shape in his native Abruzzi, where he embraced socialism with the fiery militancy that characterized his entire career.

Where is Juliet Stuart Poyntz?

An article by Carlo Tresca on Juliet Stuart Poyntz, a Communist Party USA member who is believed to have been abducted and murdered by a Soviet NKVD assassination squad in 1937.

Where is Juliet Stuart Poyntz?