Greece against austerity

Fascists in Greece: From the streets into parliament and back

Article by the Wildcat collective from Germany on class relations behind collaboration between fascists and Greek state.

Fascists in Greece: From the streets into parliament and back
(translated from: wildcat, winter 2014/14:

Police evict journalists from TV studio following a 5 month occupation

Greek riot police have forcibly evicted dozens of journalists from the former state TV headquarters (ERT), bringing to an end a five month occupation that started after the TV station had been taken off air, and the journalists sacked. The closure had been part of a programme of public sector job cuts to meet their austerity targets. Many of the workers had stayed behind and kept the station running with an illegal news feed via the internet.

Scuffles broke out between the journalists, their supporters, and the police. The streets around the building were cordoned off, and several rounds of tear gas were used to disperse those protesting. Four people were arrested on charges of ‘resisting the authorities’.

A spokesperson for the radio workers union said that:

Greece: When the state turns antifa

Greece's powerful far right party, Golden Dawn, is being repressed. This is a detailed account and analysis of the organisation and the actions of the Greek state which, after encouraging it, has now turned on it.

Golden Dawn (GD), as we knew it, is over. Their leader N. Michaloliakos is behind bars, along with other prominent members, while those who survived the first purge are facing added charges that emerged a few days after the first arrests.

Crackdown on the Golden Dawn

GD leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos under arrest

With the arrest of several party leaders the Greek government has begun a crackdown on the far-right Golden Dawn in the wake of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

A crackdown on the far-right Golden Dawn(GD) is under way in Greece. Party leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and several MPs and party members were arrested this morning with more expected. They are accused of participating in a criminal organisation and will go before court. The crackdown has two main targets.

Greek public broadcasting shutdown

The surprise closure of the public broadcaster ERT provokes anger and a general strike as thousands are fired.

The Greek government has ordered the immediate shutdown of the public broadcasting company(ERT). The surprise move was announced on Tuesday and took effect hours later as TV screens went blank. Thousands of people instantly lost their jobs and the decision is being condemned and challenged by the workers of ERT and other trade unions.

Greece: Thousands gather in an anti-government protest at suspension of state broadcaster ERT

Anarchists and workers show solidarity with the fired 2,656 employees of state TV and radio of Greece.

Thousands in Athens, Greece gathered in the evening of June 11, 2013 outside the national TV headquarters, in solidarity with 2,656 employees that were left jobless in just one day.

The protest continued all throughout the night and into the next day (today) to protect the building from the riot police who were supposed to violently evacuate it early in the morning.

Bosses open fire on migrant workers in Greece

More than twenty migrant workers were injured when their bosses fired on them with shotguns on Wednesday.

Bosses at a strawberry farm in Manolada, Ileia opened fire on workers demanding back pay on Wednesday afternoon. More than 20 people were wounded and taken to hospital after the attack. The majority of the workers were immigrants from Bangladesh.

Greek islands against the Golden Dawn

Residents of Crete and Thasos have recently stopped Golden Dawn activities in separate incidents on the Greek islands.

Members of the far-right party Golden Dawn(GD) were forced to leave a small village on the island of Thasos at the weekend. GD representatives had come to the village of Potamia on Sunday with the aim of handing out food exclusively to Greeks.

Greece: Social explosion?

As the president of Greece becomes the latest person to predict a 'social explosion' in Greece it seems a good idea to ask the question: Are we likely to see an escalation of social unrest as the crisis continues?

“We are faced with a societal explosion if any more pressure is put on society,”

Factory in Greece resumes production under workers' control

Production at the bankrupt Vio.Me building supplies firm has resumed under control of the workers.

After 3 days of intense mobilization, the factory of Vio.Me. started production under workers' control on 12 February. It is the first experiment in industrial self-management in crisis-stricken Greece, and the workers of Vio.Me. are confident this is going to be only the first in a series of such endeavors.