Fighting back in Ukraine - Oleg Dubrovskii with Simon Pirani

pamphlet cover

This short pamphlet was put together by Simon Pirani in 1996/7 from a series of interviews with Ukrainian worker activist Oleg Dubrovskii. It’s of general interest in relation to the way that life for the workers changed when the old Soviet Union disintegrated, but also provides some useful background information to what’s happening in the Ukraine today.

It’s always useful to remind ourselves that the class struggle is lurking in the shadows, even in situations where national divisions appear to be far more significant than class ones.

Fighting back in high-end hotels: an interview with a Miami Wobbly

An interview with an IWW member in Miami about working in hotels.

In November 2013, the Miami IWW interviewed one of its members, Eduardo Segundo, about his organizing and experiences in a high-end hotel in Miami.

Miami IWW (M): Describe your workplace. Who were the clients, workers, and how was the environment when you got there?

8 questions on Turkey

A short-ish interview with an Istanbul-based militant who has been active in the now nearly year old protest movement against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP government.

Anyone who's followed the situation in Turkey knew that although last summer’s demonstrations had died down by August, all it would take was a small spark to bring the masses back onto the streets.

Maidan and its contradictions: interview with a Ukrainian revolutionary syndicalist

A highly informative interview with a member of Autonomous Workers Union conducted by Přátelé komunizace, looking in detail at the Ukrainian protest movement Maidan movement and its context.

(NB: The interview was done before the new phase of protests has begun on February 18th. Still, it gives a broader context for understanding of the recent developments. See also the statement of the AWU Kiev branch. –

"God didn't die, he was transformed into money" - An interview with Giorgio Agamben - Peppe Savà

A 2012 interview with the Italian philosopher, who expresses his views on the economic crisis, capitalism as a religion (Benjamin), the role of history in European cultural identity, “bio-politics”, the “state of exception”, and the fate of contemporary art (“trapped between the Scylla of the museum and the Charybdis of commodification”).

“God didn’t die, he was transformed into money” - An Interview with Giorgio Agamben – Peppe Savà

"The politicians had to obey the crowd": interview on the protests in Kiev

Image from Kiev, January 20, 2014

This interview with a comrade from the Autonomous Workers' Union in Kiev was done on January 28, 2014. It sheds some light on the events around the Maidan: the array of reasons behind the protests, their focus on the hated president, the differences to the "orange revolution", the role of the right, the weakness of social struggles and possible scenarios.

Q:[b] Looking at the pictures from Kiev (for instance, here) it seems that all kinds of people are at the barricades. In your opinion, what brings them together? What do the people at the barricades and all the supporters discuss? Merely the practical issues of the fight against the cops?

Russia: interview with anarchist prisoners from the "Bolotnaya Case"

Alexei Polikhovich, 22

Interview with two anarchist prisoners charged with participating in the May 6, 2012 clashes with police during an opposition rally in Moscow's Bolotnaya Square.

Former sailor Alexei Polikhovich, 22 (pictured), and historian Stepan Zimin, 21 are among the many people charged with clashing with police during an opposition rally. Both face a sentence of five-and-a-half year in penal colony, having spent over a year in pre-trial detention.

'You're different, you're one of us': the making of a British Asian

Asian children play in Bradford.

Interesting interview with a Sikh man who grew up in Manningham, Bradford, and was one of the founders of the Asian Youth Movement. Here he talks about his experiences growing up as one of the first Asian children to go through the city's education system and his eventual politicisation.

Interview with new IWA-AIT general secretary

The new general secretary of the anarcho-syndicalist International Workers’ Association, Laure Akai, answers questions from the newspaper “CNT”, organ of the Spanish section of the IWA-AIT.

Question: How did things go at the IWA congress? In what way did it further the development of the IWA?

Interview with Robert Kurz - Marcus Peixoto

A short interview with Robert Kurz, in which he discusses traditional Marxism (“still chained to the old epoch”), social movements against globalization such as the World Social Forum (proposals for “the resurrection of old recipes for Keynesian regulation”, “formulated in language from the past”), the erosion of U.S. hegemony (“more societies will descend into crisis and this will exceed the power of the U.S. to control them all”), Lula in Brazil (“a real transformation … can only start with new social movements which do not allow themselves to be seduced by traditional political institutions”) and Chavez in Venezuela (“a populist politician, he presents no social alternative”).

Interview with Robert Kurz – Marcus Peixoto, Fortaleza, Brazil, September 19, 2004

Marcus Peixoto (MP): What is the theory of Radical Critique? Does this new concept lead to the abandonment of belief in parliament?