The 1916 Minnesota miners' strike against U.S. Steel - Robert M. Eleff

An article by Robert M. Eleff detailing a 1916 strike which involved the IWW, in the Iron Range of Minnesota.

The truth about the million dollar coffee company

This week we bring you a second piece from a Starbucks worker about a firing, following Work to Rule. Part of struggle is not only the lessons and strategies, but also the experiences and the real life costs that occur when we start to take action. This submission succinctly takes us though one woman’s experience that ended too soon.

Letters of the Committee of correspondence for an anarcho-syndicalist liaison group / anarcho-syndicalist organizing committee

The Committee of correspondence for an anarcho-syndicalist liaison group and Anarcho-Syndicalist Organizing Committee were 1974 initiatives towards forming a North American IWA section. The first letter details the attempt to link interested wobblies, student syndicalists and class struggle anarchist militants. The second letter to the IWW's General Organizing Bulletin explains the initiative's goal was not to affiliate the IWW to the IWA but an effort to form a separate anarcho-syndicalist group.

Form vs. content

A brief piece from Wobbling Towards Communism about the question of form compared to the content of an organization.

Wobbling Towards Communism statement and response

A statement from a group of communists in the IWW and a follow-up to some responses they have received.

United Campaign Workers demand promised payment from the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp

Hemp legalization canvassers walk off the job last week and form the Campaign Workers United, affiliated with the Portland Industrial Workers of the World.

Sydney's burning: an Australian political conspiracy - Ian Turner

A detailed history of the Sydney 12: members of the radical union Industrial Workers of the World, opponents of WWI, who were arrested in 1916 and charged with treason, arson, sedition and forgery. Workers launched a mass campaign in favour of their release.

"If Gezi never happened, the anger at mass murder at Soma could not have burst forth from the people"

In keeping with tradition, the following is an interview with Turkish IWW member Yusuf Cemal about the Soma mining disaster.

Work to rule

An account by a Starbucks Workers Union organizer of a successful work-to-rule.

Fighting war: anarchists, Wobblies and the New Zealand state 1905-1925 - Jared Davidson

This article highlights the anti-war agitation of anarchists and the IWW based in New Zealand during the period before, during and after the First World War.