Ben Fletcher: portrait of a black syndicalist

A biography of IWW member Ben Fletcher, written by Jeff Stein.

Radical border crossers: the Industrial Workers of the World and their press in Latin America - Anton Rosenthal

A paper by Anton Rosenthal that looks at the history of the IWW in Latin America.

Of Sweatshops & Starbucks

A series of four articles by marxvx, critical of the IWW and 'dual unionism' in general. We do not neccesarily agree with this series, but reproduce for discussion's sake.

Art and cartoons from The One Big Union Monthly

Art and cartoons from The One Big Union Monthly, a publication of the Industrial Workers of the World during the 1910s-1930s.

The Wheatland Boys

An article about the 'Wheatland Hop riot', which was a confrontation between striking farm workers affiliated with the IWW and local hostile police.

Baltimore Jimmy John’s workers stop work, march on boss

On August 22nd, Jimmy John’s workers in Baltimore engaged in a short work stoppage and marched on the boss to demand the right to organize without retaliation.

“I never met a man I admired more”: Vincent St. John (1876-1929)

A short biography of Vincent St. John, who was a hugely important and influential member in the IWW's early years.

Lesser Known Wobblies series

Lesser Known Wobblies series

A series of short biographies of members of the IWW who aren't as remembered as some of the more famous names.

Industrial Worker (June 2014)

Articles from the June 2014 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Trans 101 for Wobblies

A great set of introductory guides to trans terminology, issues for trans people and trans issues as workers' rights issues. Produced by Fey, a trans member of the Industrial Workers of the World revolutionary union, nicknamed the "Wobblies".