Nick Heath

Quintal, Francisco Nobrega Do (1898-1987)

Francisco Quintal

A short biography of Francisco Quintal, Portuguese anarchist militant, skipper and one of founders of the Federacion Anarquista Iberica

Francisco Nobrega Do Quintal was born on August 24th at Funchal on the Isle of Madeira. Born into a well-off family, he moved with them to Lisbon at the age of fourteen with the declaration of the Republic in 1910.He finished his studies at the Nautical School in Lisbon. He discovered anarchism at the age of fifteen by reading literature by the French anarchist-communist Jean Grave.

Schreiber, Otto, 1868-1917: victim of the war “for liberty and democracy”

Letter from Schreiber to Landauer

A short biography of German anarchist Otto Schreiber, who was active in London for many years.

Otto Franz Schreiber was born on 20th January 1868 in Germany. He seems to have made his way to London sometime in the1880s where he worked as a tailor. He was an active member of the Communistische ArbeitersBildungVerein (Communist Workers Education League) founded in London in 1840 to which many exiled members of the Communist League, including Marx himself, had belonged.

The short life of Angelo Galli, 1883-1906

Angelo Galli

A short account of the murder of Angelo Galli

“I was unwittingly at the center of the fray, I saw before me the bier, covered with red carnations, wavering dangerously on the shoulders of the pallbearers. I saw the horses becoming restive, and clubs and lances clashing, so that it seemed to me that at any moment the corpse would fall to the ground and be trampled by the horses” Carlo Carra

The anarchist martyrs of Changsha

A short account of the lives and activities of the Chinese anarchists Huang Ai and Pang Renquan

“Huang Ai and Pang Renquan were the earliest heroes martyred in the Chinese labour movement — they both deserve to be remembered”. Li Rui

Lu Jianbo 卢剣波 (1904 - 1991)

Ba Jin (l.) Lu Jianbo (r.)

A short biography of Chinese anarchist veteran Lu Jianbo

Lu Jianbo was for many years one of the most active anarchists in China, speaking for class struggle, effective organisation, and against compromise with the nationalist Guomindang. Like his more well known comrade Ba Jin, he hailed from Sichuan in southern China.

Malatesta Club photo gallery

Malatesta Club members

Photographs of members of the anarchist Malatesta Club in the 1950s from collection of Sam Fanaroff. The image above shows Leah Feldman, the "Makhnovist Granny" on left, front row and Rita Milton right, front row.

The Malatesta Club

Malatesta Club members, John Bishop (back right)

A short account of the celebrated anarchist Malatesta Club of 1950s London.

One of the signs of a revival of the post-World War Two anarchist movement was the setting up of a regular speaking pitch at Hyde Park Corner in 1950. The number of speakers was added to over the next decade as people were introduced to the movement. Among these were Philip Sansom, Rita Milton and Frank Hirschfield.

Anarchists and the free speech fight on Wanstead Flats

A short account of the free speech fight initiated by anarchists on Wanstead Flats in East London in 1891.

“On a fine Sunday evening thousands of working men, attended by their sweethearts or wives and families, may be seen proceeding along the Mile End Road in the direction of Wanstead Flats, a large open space, perfectly level and covered with verdure, close to the Forest Gate Station of the Great Eastern Railway.

Lewin, Arthur (1907-1976)

A short biography of the German anarchist Arthur Lewin, active in Spain and France.

Arthur Lewin was born into a Jewish family on 12th April 1907. He became active in the Anarcho-Syndicalist Youth(SAJD) in Leipzig. There he met his future wife Martha. He was a keen Esperantist and was a delegate to the World Esperantist Congress at Leningrad in 1925.

Aufseher, Izak, “Isidor” “Issy” (1905-1977)

Izak Aufseher

A short biography of Izak Aufseher, anarchist active in Germany, Spain, and Switzerland

Izak Aufseher was born in the small town of Kuty in Galicia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and now in the Ukraine, into a poor Jewish family on the 26th January 1905. He only attended school, run by Hasidic Jews, for two years and with the outbreak of the First World War he saw the break-up of his family. Forced by poverty to emigrate, he ended up in Berlin in 1928.