Radical America #19.04: Banana's Bases and Patriarchy

Constituent Items:

Bananas, bases and patriarchy some feminist questions about the militarization of Central America (Enloe, Cynthia)
From the movement "myths and realities in Central America" (O'Brien, James P. Thorkelsen, Nick)
At arm's length feminism and socialism in Europe, 1890-1920 (Kennedy, Marie Tilly, Chris)

Radical America #16.03: 15 Years of Radical America an Anthology

Constituent Items:

W.E.B. DuBois (Richards, Paul)
Che Guevara (poem) (Sloman, Joel)
C. Wright Mills (Thompson, E. P.)
Herbert Marcuse (Aronson, Ronald)
C.L.R. James (Glaberman, Martin)
Edward Carpenter (Rowbotham, Sheila)
Sylvia Pankhurst (Widgery, David)
Prefigurative Communism (Boggs, Carl)

Radical America #16.01-2: Dreams of Freedom (Double issue)

Constituent Items:

"Having a good time" the American family goes camping (Cerullo, Margaret Ewen, Phyllis)
Peace at any price? feminism, anti-imperialism and the disarmament movement (Cagan, Leslie Cerullo, Margaret Erlien, Marla Broadhead, Frank)
Solidarity, Cold War, and the Left how to respond to Poland (Broadhead, Frank)

Radical America #09.01: Current economic crisis

Constituent articles:

- Changes in world capitalism and the current crisis of the U.S. economy (MacEwan, Arthur)
- Black cats, white cats, wildcats auto workers in Detroit (Glaberman, Martin)
- Niggermation in auto company policy and the rise of Black caucuses (Georgakas, Dan Surkin, Martin)
- Poetry (Flanigan, B. P.)
- Motown ... and the heart attack machine (Wovoka)

Radical America #06.06: Alternative education project, Nov.-Dec. 1972

Constituent articles:

- Working class militancy in the Depression (Green, James)
- The possibility of radicalism in the early 1930's the case of steel (Lynd, Staughton)
- Shoot-out at reeltown the narrative of Jess Hull, Alabama tenant farmer (Rosen, Dale Rosengarten, Theodore)
- Black prisoners' poetry (Beatty, James Holloway, Danny)

Radical America #05.02: Black labor

Constituent articles:

- The demand for Black labor (Baron, Harold M.)
- Poetry (Yusuf)
- The league of revolutionary Black workers introduction (Perkins, Eric)
- Documents at the point of production
- From repression to revolution (Cockrel, Ken)
- Racism and the American experience (Starobin, Robert S.)

Radical America #04.06: I don't eat that bread

Constituent articles:

- Benjamin Peret: an introduction (Rosemont, Franklin)
- The dishonor of poets
- The factory committee
- Poetry above all
- The thaw a surrealist tale
- William A. Williams his historiography (Meeropol, Michael)
- Comment (O'Brien, James P.)
- A reading of Marx, II (Levine, Andrew)
- Comment (Tomich, Dale)
- Review of Armed struggle in Africa (Nzongola, Georges)

Radical America #04.03

Constituent articles:

- Dear Herbert (Aronson, Ronald)
- Marcuse's Utopia (Jay, Martin)
- Notes on Marcuse and movement (Breines, Paul)
- Intellectual in the Debsian Socialist party (Buhle, Paul)
- Comments on Paul Buhle's paper on socialist intellectuals (Gilbert, James)
- Toward a critical theory for advanced industrial society (Schroyer, Trent)
- Poems (Temple, Norman)

Mühsam, Erich: His life, his work, his martyrdom - Augustin Souchy

Erich Mühsam

A biography of the German anarchist and poet Erich Mühsam, written by his friend Augustin Souchy shortly after Mühsam was murdered by the Nazis in 1934, including a brief but fascinating account of Mühsam’s role in the Bavarian Council Revolution in 1919 and featuring quotations from Mühsam evincing his sympathy for anarchosyndicalism and his advocacy of the Council system.

The German Social Background

Less highly developed than it was in other countries, anarchism in Germany has produced only a handful of combatants and thinkers. Social democratic state-worship overwhelmed all libertarian thought; its representatives were not fighters; they preferred to describe the struggles that others were fighting.


A poem by Ross Winn published in the Firebrand in 1895.

America! Once land of liberty
And of the brave;
Dark tyranny now shackles thee,
No longer now art thou the free,
Thy liberty is dead, and thee—
Thou art its grave!

America! Thou gem of all the seas
And light of the earth;
Though ruled by tyrants, yet the lees
Of the proud people—the working bees
Of human hive—bend not their knees
Nor forget their birth.