An open letter to I.S. comrades - Solidarity

An open letter to I.S. comrades

“On the relations between types of revolutionary organisation and the types of society they are likely to bring about.” Issued as a Solidarity pamphlet in 1968 and 1972.

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Martin Smith given PhD place at Liverpool Hope University

It has come to our attention that Martin Smith – who resigned from the Socialist Workers Party following rape and sexual harassment allegations – is now based in the Social Work department at Liverpool Hope University. Trigger warning: rape, sexual harassment.

The accusations against Smith were covered up by an internal investigation from the party’s disputes committee.

On the edges of Trotskyism - some of the ones who left the SWP

Some notes on the IS Network, formed by ex-members of the SWP, and on the ideas of Richard Seymour, one of them.

The SWP crisis is one symptom of Trotskyism on the edge. The crisis produces lots of disenchanted and disillusioned members. It would be tragic if most of these people would simply succumb to demoralization and cynicism. But there is not just Trotskyism on the edge of collapse.

Trotskyism on the edge - on the SWP crisis

A few more notes on the crisis in the UK Socialist Workers Party (SWP) that seems to have entered new territory.

Months after the crisis in the SWP burst into the open, this Trotskyist formation hasn't succeeding in leaving their problems truly behind. On the contrary, there have been new signs of division in the organisation that has already experienced a big loss of membership, prestige in the wider movement and political self-confidence.

SWP crisis: some analysis, some thoughts

The UK Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is in deep crisis after rape accusations and faction fights have ended in the leadership reimposing some 'order' , and oppositionists leaving the party in droves. Some analysis, and some ideas on what attitude anti-authoritarians might fruitfully take.

The SWP crisis and ongoing implosion is a horrible, yet fascinating, development. It is horrible, for – again – hundreds of serious people will drift out of the party, and many of them will be too demoralized and exhausted to pick up class struggle activity. Those among them that will remain active will not necessarily turn to anti-authoritarian revolutionary theory and practice.

Understanding left cults (SWP, SP, Spiked, WRP) - a reading list

Animal Farm

Selected reading on cultlike behaviour of left-wing parties in the UK.

Whatever happens to the Socialist Workers Party in the present crisis over rape allegations, non-party activists will be working with (and against) the SWP for some time to come.

The break-up of the WRP: from the horse’s mouth - Simon Pirani

An account by one of its former activists of the breakup of the UK Trotskyist group Workers Revolutionary Party following widespread sexual abuse by its leader, Gerry Healy in the mid-1980s. Trigger warning for discussion of sexual abuse.

In the controversy surrounding the Socialist Workers Party, and the way it has dealt with accusations of rape and sexual harassment by a leading member, the break-up of the Workers Revolutionary Party in 1985 has been referred to as a worst-case scenario. Warnings have been issued that, if the SWP is not careful, it will end up like the WRP.

SWP's Tom Walker: Why I am resigning

A journalist at the Socialist Workers Party newspaper on his decision to quit following the way the grouping dealt with accusations of rape and sexual harassment by female members against a leader of the party. Trigger warning for sexual harassment.

The Socialist Workers Party is in deep crisis - as it has been for several months now. The reason is simple: an allegation of rape against Martin Smith, the then central committee member now referred to on some parts of the internet as comrade Delta, and the way it was handled by the party.

I was a teenage SWP member

A personal account of life in the Socialist Workers Party.

The Weekly Worker is known to many as the unrivalled gossip rag of the British far-left. Most workers wouldn’t give a toss about anything published in it, but to those of us who have passed through any of the various ‘revolutionary vanguards’ during our political lives, the newspaper can be a bit of a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Syria, imperialism and the left (3)

There is a third position on the Syrian events: opposition to Assad and to Western interference. This position also is unsatisfactory in its way to positive account of the revolt. Third and final part of the series.

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