The Proletarian Public - The Practice of Proletarian Self-Emancipation [1996] Peter Critchley

"... I wanted to write on the proletarian transformation of politics and the tradition of 'socialism from below'. I share that commitment to working class self-emancipation and autonomy, and so gathered materials for a thesis on proletarian order... hoping to inform a little, inspire and just pay tribute to... all those who breathed fire and life into socialism. "

IWW report from the 30th SAC Congress

A reportback of the 30th Congress of the Swedish syndicalist union, SAC.

The IWW Norway General Membership Branch (GMB) was invited to send a delegation to the 30th congress of the Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation (SAC, or the Central Organization of the Workers of Sweden), in Gävle, Sweden, on Sept. 27-30. International guests were invited to attend the first two days.

Sorel's reflections on violence and the poverty of voluntarism - Donald Parkinson

Article that discusses Sorel's Reflection On Violence, critiquing its voluntaristic ideas and exploring its relation to fascism.

George Sorel’s Reflections on Violence is a maddening work, giving the reader an insightful portrait of the chaotic and conflict ridden French workers movement. For this reason alone it is worth reading as a historical document, despite the authors dodgy politics.

Business unionism vs revolutionary unionism - Dave Neal

Organize cartoon

A piece on the decline of business unions and the opportunities this has opened up for a resurgent Revolutionary Union movement.

"When the working class unites, there will be a lot of jobless labor leaders."

--Eugene Debs, 1905 speech

Swedish syndicalists host international gathering of industrial unionists (1975)

A 1975 article from the Industrial Worker about a conference hosted by Swedish syndicalist union, SAC.

Provided by the Workers Solidarity Alliance archives in New York.
Scanned by Juan Conatz

The strike! - Paul Delesalle

A brief text from 1900 by the French anarchosyndicalist Paul Delesalle on labor and capital, the strike, its origins, and the difference between the “partial” strike for immediate demands and the “general strike” that is the herald of the next revolution.

The Strike! – Paul Delesalle

To the Workers:

One of the most important and significant facts of our time is undoubtedly the increasingly more active participation of the working class in all the movements on behalf of the moral and material well being of the peoples.

The influence of the IWW in South Africa - Lucien van der Walt

An article by Lucien van der Walt on the IWW's impact on South African political affairs and those of neighbouring countries in the early twentieth century.

Statement of the IWW for the international syndicalist reunion March 22 – 24 2013 Paris

A statement answering questions presented to the IWW in lead up to and presented at a conference on "alternative unionism" hosted by the SUD in France.

1.) Regarding Crisis of capitalism – what kind of answers, positions and contributions can alternative basic-democratic syndicalism give?

Syndicalism in modern society - SAC


A pamphlet published by SAC (The Central Organization of Swedish Workers) in 1963, laying out the organizations "new orientation" towards a more reformist syndicalism, with a strong focus on the cooperative movement.

The 4 Phases of Syndicalism

Women in the cleaning sector and hotel-restaurant industry: syndicalist conversations

The purpose of these interviews is to provide an insight into the situation and the struggles of female workers in the cleaning sector and the hotel-restaurant industry. To this end, we have met cleaning and catering trade union members of the CNT-Solidarité Ouvrière in the Paris region.

More generally, we hope to encourage readers to think about the relationships between women's struggles and labour unions, from the perspective of emancipatory social transformation. Of course, this article does not claim to exhaust the subject, but rather elicit contributions.